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with your own eyes, make the world your home and share your tips to help others for their journey.

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Sri Lanka

The teardrop of India: A place where mountain and beach meet each other.


Europe’s most-hyped and westernmost destination: A unique mixture of ancient cultural heritage, stunning landscapes and tropical paradises.

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Our life is a continuous travel…
…and search for experiences. Modern travelling has become more than admiring local architecture and beaches. We all want to fully shape our personal trip, creating authentic experiences by embracing a country’s people, culture, places and food – just like locals!

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Open the  heart for authentic experiences. Let the motto of “Yes I can, let’s do it!” take over you and be ready to discover the magic and people behind the scenes of the most amazing destinations. Walk, explore and get lost in the streets as if you had never done anything else to feel almost like a real local.

From our own experience we know that designing such a trip is a challenge. This is why we, a group of authors and bloggers, have created this platform to support you planning on your own. Find the important travel advice and start your journey online by exploring the world through the stories of others. Let yourself drown into a different world with their unique travel experiences, videos, pictures and virtually explore your next most desired destination. We show you the top sights but also spots and activities beside the mainstream.

With TurtleBu you can become a real “globetrotter”. Which animal could reflect this better than a turtle?! A truly global citizen, carrying its home on its back wherever it goes… and bringing back the experience of a lifetime!

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Motto: “Life is but a dream.”


Motto: “Never stop dancing on the moon.”


Motto: “Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.”
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